LEADS 2021

“Future of Partnerships”

Leadership is as much about innovation, as much as it remains to be an ‘art’, in an environment where change is the only constant. An environment wherein convergence between seemingly divergent philosophies of self-reliance and globalization is essential. An environment wherein independence and interdependence will go hand in hand when we look at future global partnerships. Global leaders continue to strive for excellence while making their business resilient and adaptable. Leadership vision focuses on sustainability and gender diversity as the fundamental principle for future partnerships. However, with 2020 having forced the world to ‘reimagine the future’, SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) takes centerstage, and will form the foundation of future business touching lives of millions of citizens.

This year, LEADS shall be organised from 14-15 September, 2021. The inaugural session of LEADS 2021 set the tone for two days of intense deliberation bringing together government and business leaders from Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas, and the Pacific, to share their vision on reimagining the world through resilient Leadership, economic Excellence, and Adaptability of business models, built on pillars of Diversity and Sustainability.

LEADS 2021

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