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The transformation of world economy in these VUCA times, makes leadership as much about innovative thinking as much as an art, considering an environment where change is the only constant. An environment wherein convergence between seemingly divergent philosophies of self-reliance and globalization is essential. An environment wherein independence and interdependence will go hand in hand. An environment wherein business needs to look at future global partnerships, through the prism of environmental and social sustainability, for inclusive development and growth.

Global leaders believe that business case for resilient net zero economies is crystal clear and that leadership with a purpose is what will drive future business growth. Leadership vision will also focus on sustainability and gender diversity as the precept to ‘reimagine the future’. The world has quite successfully survived, then revived and now thrived by finding opportunities in the recent economic, health, travel, and supply chains disruptions. With it came a sense of urgency to ideate, improvise and innovate, to nurture new economic models and development partnerships. This transformation was driven by internet led technological innovations transcending space and time, leading to cross fertilization of knowledge and ideas at a never-before pace.

(Leadership, Excellence, Adaptability, Diversity, Sustainability) is a global thought leadership initiative of FICCI which was conceptualised in the backdrop of disruptive business environment globally, be it due to innovations in business models or unforeseen events like the pandemic. In this environment where change is the only constant, industry worldwide is reinventing itself to find opportunities for future growth. FICCI envisaged LEADS in 2020, as a platform for global leadership to evolve a shared vision on a dynamic world order.

The third edition of LEADS is scheduled for 20th – 21st September 2022 at New Delhi, with an overarching theme “Leadership for Future”. This theme would set the tone for the 2-day program dwelling on leadership vision which needs to be driven by a sense of purpose, focussed on diversity & inclusion, and built on the pillar of sustainability, for economic prosperity in this age of business disruption. The programme is curated as a strategic platform for confluence of global leaders, influencers, and opinion shapers across the spectrum of world economy. The program is open to select delegates by invitation only, on topics of interest across East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, ASEAN & Oceania, Europe, Africa, West Asia, Americas, and the Pacific. This 3rd edition of LEADS will be an in-person event at New Delhi and broadcast on FICCI exclusive, fully secured, online platform (FICCI BIKE).

LEADS 2022 will strive to evolve a consensus on leadership imperatives, over eleven theme sessions curated around manufacturing; food for all; innovation; mobility; digitalization; financing; healthcare; travel & tourism; clean & green environment; global value chains. Global thought leaders will share their vision on this inevitable transition and address interventions from participants, in a pre-structured open session. The previous two editions of LEADS have attracted interest of delegates from over 100 countries, with over a 125 global leaders and policy makers sharing their thoughts.

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